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200+ years of piercing experience and counting.....

Program Benefits

1. Product discount in the form of credit

2. Always free shipping

3. Contribute to shaping the future of Junipurr

4. Features on our social channels

5. A blog feature on your journey

6. Opportunities to curate events

7. Junipurr branded merchandise

8. Participate in new product design

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Who We Want

  • 1

    Passionate about helping other piercers grow, new or old to the industry

  • 2

    Passionate about building and growing relationships

  • 3

    Content creators

  • 4

    Piercers with a story to tell

  • 5

    Piercers who are active on social

The ask

1. Provide your industry knowledge/ subject matter expertise and contribute to ideas related to product designs, marketing, campaigns and communication

2. Promote Junipurr's brand and products to good piercers

3. Educate and address questions when they arise and represent Junipurr appropriately on all channels

4. Post on social channels regularly and provide product reviews

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Apply Today

By getting involved, you're helping to shape the future of Junipurr through your experience, expertise and excellence, ensuring a better and more beautiful industry for everyone.