Making Gold Accessible

Do you have a hard time getting body jewelry?

We started Junipurr Jewelry because we couldn't buy quality gold body jewelry at an accessible price in time to make it work for our business.

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Junipurr is started by the guys and gals of @chronicink and @pierced. We provide a titanium and gold collection as we believe they should be the core of everyone's inventory.  

02Product Reviews

We gave our body jewelry to professional piercers to get their honest opinions. Here’s what they had to say:

14K Gold Jewelry

“The hinge mechanism on the gold clicker is very strong and reliable.”

Titanium Basics

“The titanium is implant-grade and safe for all new and healing piercings.”

Try Junipurr Jewelry for yourself.

Try Junipurr for yourself.

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03Product Testing

Quality is Priority #1 to us.

As a piercer, you're trusting jewelry companies to provide you with the highest quality body jewelry, in our case it's ASTM-F136 Titanium and also nickel free solid 14K gold.

That's why we've spared no expenses nor transparency in proving to you and ourselves that our jewelry is as advertised.

Every quarter, we will randomly select 10 grams of titanium, 3 grams of white gold, 3 grams of yellow, and 3 grams of rose gold and send it to an independent testing lab called SGS in New Jersey to test the composition of our titanium and gold.

SGS is one of the largest testing companies in the world with over 15 offices worldwide. Visit SGS at www.sgstesting.com.

The quantities for each metal is stipulated by SGS to conduct a proper test.

04Product Design

We believe piercers should design our jewelry, and not only piercers we already work with.

Every piercer has a different clientele and the only way to serve them well is to give you the opportunity to design their own pieces — the ones they know will sell. We have a design program where Piercers can design and make money for them!

Piercer 1 Skull
Piercer 2 Pineapple
Piercer 3 Moon

05Why We Started Junipurr

We started Junipurr Jewelry because we couldn't buy quality body jewelry in time to make it work for our business.

For the longest time, we were not accepted into 2 of the major companies until we found someone had a connection with the owners because they had too many clients. For the ones we did get accepted to, we were waiting 12-16 weeks for shipping.

So we decided to make our own. 4 years and a few months later, we finally have a titanium and gold collection that we believe should be the core of everyone's inventory.

Junipurr is started by the guys and gals of @chronicink and @pierced and we used years of Chronic Ink and Pierced's sales data to curate a selection that we think will make you and your clients happy.

The items we created for you are our best sellers from our studios in Toronto, Canada. It's for this reason we didn't include a huge selection nor our most priciest items.

Think of this as your jewelry starter pack. We know these pieces will sell for most people because we've used sales data gathered over time over different regions and different demographics in our city.

We can't wait to hear your feed-back. Give us a try by signing up for our beta!

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