Junipurr Jewelry Beta Titanium 16g Barbell with Fixed Ball - Threadless

Junipurr Jewelry Beta Titanium 16g Barbell with Fixed Ball - Threadless

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Ball size Length Price Quantity
3mm 4mm n/a n/a
3mm 5mm n/a n/a
3mm 6mm n/a n/a
3mm 7mm n/a n/a
3mm 8mm n/a n/a
4mm 6mm n/a n/a
4mm 7mm n/a n/a
4mm 8mm n/a n/a
4mm 9mm n/a n/a
4mm 10mm n/a n/a
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Junipurr's threadless 16g barbells (BETA) with fixed ball are made with verified implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium (6AL-4V-ELI) that has been APP verified.

These barbells are designed and guaranteed for use with Junipurr Jewelry but have been found to fit many popular APP-verified brands.

Note: cross-matching brands is not encouraged or guaranteed to fit and is therefore excluded from the warranty. 

During BETA testing, we have found the lengths to fluctuate by +/- 0.25mm - this tolerance will be tightened up when they go into full production to 0.1mm +/-.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is your titanium made of and where?

Junipurr's titanium is made of APP-verified, ASTM F136 implant grade Ti and is DFARS compliant. It is manufactured in Europe and conforms to ISO 9001(2015).

Is your titanium APP approved?

Yes. We are a proud corporate sponsor.

Can your titanium be anodized?

Yes. Absolutely.

What is your return policy on your titanium?

Similar to our gold, we offer a lifetime warranty on our titanium products.

Are your titanium ends hand-polished?


How do you clean it before it arrives at my studio? 

All titanium is ultrasonically cleaned and steamed before packaging.