8 Ways You Can Sell Gold Body Jewelry With Confidence

8 Ways You Can Sell Gold Body Jewelry With Confidence

Jewelry sales are all about knowing what your client wants!  This means you’ll need to be on the same page as your client when it comes to what jewelry will suit their needs. We have compiled a quick list of selling tips to ensure you feel more confident when helping your client find the perfect piece for their piercing. 

     1. Refresh your displays 

Before your client even enters your piercing studio, make sure your displays are appealing. 

There are many factors that go into curating an attractive jewelry display, and we have a full blog post on how to plan your display cases in detail which you can access by clicking here.

Changing up your displays seasonally will help to keep your jewelry selection looking fresh and inviting to your clients.  If you have pieces that are more seasonal, bump those to the front of your case for the appropriate season.

The goal of a display case is to captivate your customer’s attention, so ensuring it is well let, organized, and clean are all top priority! 

If you’re struggling with what to display your jewelry on inside of the case, consider investing in some jewelry displays.  Having specific displays for rings and threadless ends will ensure your pieces don’t get lost in a vast cabinet, and will help to keep your stock organized!


  1. Get your clients excited on social media 

Social media is a wonderful sales tool.  Although it may seem like one way communication sometimes, posting your new stock, or featuring your favourite jewelry items is a great way to attract future customers and get them to book an appointment with you.

If you need to brush up on your piercing or jewelry photography skills, check out our blog post all about piercing photography 101.  In this blog post you will find numerous photo tips, equipment recommendations, and ideas on what type of content will do well on your social media platforms! 


  1. Get to know your client’s personal style

Once your client arrives in the studio, it’s important to get to know their personal style in order to land a sale!

A few good questions to ask your client to get to know what pieces would for them are:

-What piercing/placement are you shopping for today?
-Are you interested in matching this jewelry with your existing jewelry? 
-What colour of gold do you wear most often?
-Do you like to change your jewelry often, or do you prefer sticking to the same look for everyday wear?
-Do you like gems? If so are you more interested in clear CZ or colour gems?

The answers to all of these questions will help you to get a better idea of a piece that will work for your client. 


  1. Work within their budget, and consider that when ordering!

A big consideration for most clients when making a jewelry purchase is budget.  It is no secret that gold jewelry is a more expensive option, but it is important that you, and your clients know the benefit of investing in good quality jewelry.  If you need a refresher on the pros of wearing and selling gold jewelry, check out our blog post here which further explains that. 

Once you establish what your client’s budget is, you can start looking for pieces that fit their personal style within the dollar amount that they are comfortable with spending.

Asking your client about their budget will also allow you to do a bit of market research.  If you’re noticing more and more clients are interested in spending a little more than expected, you can start ordering some more extravagant jewelry to please that customer base!  If you notice more clients are leaning towards cheaper options, consider ordering less gem options that cater towards a smaller budget!

  1. Show them curated looks 

Context is everything!  As piercers and counter staff, we all have a great sense of creativity and imagination when it comes to looking at jewelry.  Many clients also have this sense of creativity, but some may struggle with imagining what pieces complement one another. 

If you're client is having a hard time imagining exactly how a piece may look on them, try utilizing our in-app curation tool and uploading a photo of your clients anatomy!  This will give them a better idea of how the jewelry will look on them before sitting in the piercing chair. 

Often times pairing complementary pieces together in displays, or recommending pieces that may pair well with their original jewelry collection will help land multiple sales.

With the “curated ear” trend, many clients are striving for a cohesive look.  So having a few pieces that look great together can really help clients envision a full look for their jewelry!

  1. Explore all placement opportunities

Some pieces of jewelry feel like they are made for specific anatomy.  I’m sure you can think of a piece that perfectly fits into the curve of a helix or bowl of a conch!

Ensuring your client knows the versatility of your jewelry is key.  Being able to let them know where certain pieces of jewelry will work can really help your client envision the endless possibilities when it comes to their new jewelry.  Some client’s may also have very unique anatomy, so take advantage of that by suggesting different shaped jewelry to compliment different parts of the ear. 

  1. Come armed with tools!

    Silicone ears are an awesome selling tool.  Showcasing jewelry on these silicone ears lets a client see the jewelry in action.  You can also post pictures of curated silicone ears on your social media to help inspire your clients to book an appointment with you or upgrade their jewelry.

    Most people like to see a piece in action before purchasing, so having a visual aid such as a silicone ear can be extremely helpful for your client to imagine a piece of jewelry as part of their everyday jewelry collection. 

    Jewelry Wands

    Jewelry wands are an amazing tool for when your client is trying to decide between a couple different jewelry pieces.  Once you’ve narrowed down your client’s options to 2-3 pieces of jewelry, we suggest inserting the pieces into a clear jewelry wand and letting your client hold the wand up to their ear.  

    This lets your client see the completed look, without touching the jewelry on inserting it into their ear. It is also a safe and easy way to test out different placements before the piercing process begins! 

    Digital Curation Tool

    Utilize our In-app Curation Tool!  Once you’ve downloaded our Junipurr Jewelry app, you will have access to our digital curation tool.  This tool allows you to upload a photo of your clients ear, and click and drag our jewelry options to create a digital version of their future look. 

    You can also utilize our ear templates available in a wide range of skintones, and share these images to your social media to inspire your client’s online before they even step foot into your studio.  Click here to learn more about our Curation tool and how to get the most out of it! 

    1. Avoid buyer’s remorse with a lifetime warranty

    At Junipurr Jewelry we offer a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry.  We also offer certificates of authenticity so that you and your clients can feel confident about the quality of your purchase. 

    We hope that these tips will help you when assisting your customers in curating their new jewelry look.  Remember, making a sale is all about finding the right piece for the right client.  As long as you feel comfortable and well informed with your client’s needs, you will be able to land your sale!