5 Reasons Why Selling Gold Is A Complete Game-changer When It Comes to Body Jewelry.

5 Reasons Why Selling Gold Is A Complete Game-changer When It Comes to Body Jewelry.

Jewelry options for more niche piercings have come so far in the past decade. Clients are no longer confined to plain balls and ring options for fresh body piercings (although, there is certainly still a time and a place for those). And luckily for us, implant grade materials have become easily accessible to order online, and bring in to your studios!

At Junipurr we believe that gold jewelry is the most valuable asset you can bring to the table as a piercing studio business owner. In this blog post, we wanted to break down why we believe in stocking gold, and what it can do for you as a business owner. We also discuss how to navigate making gold accessible to your clients, without putting yourself at financial risk during the process.

The most obvious reason to sell gold jewelry is that there is more room for profit.

When buying 14k solid gold jewelry you will need to put more money down than purchasing a titanium or plated option. But with that initial investment, you’re also setting yourself up to wreak a higher reward when you do make that sale.

If you're new to stocking gold at your studio, play it safe to start! Look for pieces that you know will do well with your clients, before ordering obscure gem settings or incredibly unique designs. A great place to begin is with the tried and true designs that have done well at your studio in the past. For many, these would be a gold trinities, gold tri-beads, gold seam rings, or any other design that has historically done well at your studio in the titanium option.

For example, if you purchase a gold clicker for $400.00 wholesale, and sell it for $800.00 retail, you’re able to make a profit of $400.00 off one single sale. Whereas you would need to sell multiple titanium clickers to get a profit anywhere close to $400.00. You would also need to rely on multiple clients buying those titanium clickers, rather than finding one client that wanted gold. This leads us to our next point which explains what type of clientele gold attracts.

You’ll attract a higher budget clientele.

Plain and simple, your clients know that gold has value, which many people are willing to pay for! Oftentimes clients who buy gold are willing to invest in multiple pieces over time and spend a higher amount for a better quality item.

These make for awesome returning clients, who may even be interested in placing custom orders to achieve a look they really want. One of the main risks associated with stocking gold is that you need to find the people who want to buy it. By offering them for clients to place custom orders, you can collect a deposit beforehand to ensure that you have the sale ready to go when the jewelry arrives! This also allows you to offer a one-on-one form of customer service, that your clients will remember the next time they are looking to upgrade their jewelry.

Stocking gold can evidently elevate your studio’s online persona.

There are multiple ways of advertising your gold jewelry selection online can help your studio. One of them is your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking! When clients Google search sought after brands like BVLA, Anatometal, or even Junipurr Jewelry there is more of a chance of you coming up in their online search results if you have them listed on your website. Being associated with reputable brands that sell high-quality jewelry will show clients that you care about their safety, and cater more towards a fashion-forward clientele.

Gold jewelry can also help to amplify your social media presence. Piercers who use gold jewelry from reputable brands have the ability to be reposted by these wholesalers, use certain hashtags associated with these brands, as well as physically tag these brands in their posts. This helps to increase their reach on social media, and get more eyes on their portfolio photos!

Gold jewelry typically comes with a better warranty.

As a business owner there is nothing more frustrating than spending money on supplies or stock to have them break. Luckily many gold jewelry companies (including ours) offer lifetime warranties on gold jewelry. Which means if a piece comes defective or broken, you can send it back free of charge. This is extremely helpful, and is oftentimes a nice selling feature for your clients!

Gold is safe, and will also keep your clients safe!

As you know, there are MANY factors that go into a properly healed piercing. Whether it be the piercer’s skill set, the client’s decision to sleep on their new piercing, what aftercare products (or lack of) your clients use or using poor quality jewelry, there is a lot of room for error. But, by using jewelry made from an implant grade materials like gold, you’ll be able to eliminate one way healing can go wrong!

That being said, gold is not always implant grade which is why you need to be selective when it comes to where you are sourcing it. A metal being considered implant grade comes down to a few factors. These include the jewelry being free from imperfections such as nicks and sharp edges or the material having traces of nickel or lead. To be able to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source, ask to see a company's mill certificates. These will show that the company has gone to the lengths of getting their jewelry tested properly to ensure that it is safe! Feel free to view our own certifications.

In addition to making sure that the gold you are purchasing is of good quality, it is also important to remember to always use internally threaded pieces, regardless of the material!

So, the main point here is that gold is a high reward material, in multiple senses. We hope that a few of these points in this blog post have made it seem less overwhelming! But, if you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to you via email and we can talk about your options/how to start!