All things seem possible in MAY

All things seem possible in MAY

Dear Junipurr Family,

I hope you all had a great April!  I'm happy to see our England friends open up their studios this month!  Welcome back, I missed you all!  It makes me so happy to see you tag us on IG again!  Please keep them coming!

From a personal front, I started planting flowers in my backyard mid-April but then it snowed a few days after!  Who would have thought there would be snow in April?  Luckily, last I checked on them they're still alive!  I'm really looking forward to warmer weather in May!  My parents also got their first vaccine, praise the Lord. Hopefully I can get mine soon as well!

From a Junipurr perspective, we've been busy working on new designs.  We've heard you would like to see more of chains, so more chains will be coming :) As usual, please feel free to email me if there is any particular design you would like to see and we will add them to our design pipeline :)

What we've worked on this month:

New Designs!

We launched a number of new designs this month!  From the newest addition to our Eclipse collection: Paget, to our 100+ Swarovski CZ clicker Opulence, to our KoiSnakeWillowFlorence and Maggie!  Here they are on our New Arrivals page in case you missed them!   We can't believe how quickly some of them sold out!

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Mindful Sunday with Yoga

We were so excited to host our first ever Mindful Sunday Event with all of you!  Mindful Sundays are a way for us to come together as an online community, and focus on our mental wellbeing.  We want to thank Lola Slider for hosting this yoga class for us.  This yoga class was focused on fundamental posture correction, hand, wrist and shoulder stretching specifically made to help piercers who are hunched over at work all day. 

Please let me know what other types of events you would like to see us host in the future!




For the month of April we have put a bigger focus on what we can do as a company to offset our carbon footprint!  With the help from a few people in our online community who commented their tips on our IG post, we have compiled a blog full of changes you can make at your studio that are beneficial for the environment.  Our second blog is for all the plant lovers in our community.  It features 9 nature inspired jewelry pieces! 

Junipurr Forest Update

We decided to prioritize our Junipurr Forest for the month of April!  We planted 1 tree for every order, with the exception of Earth Day where we planted 10 trees per order that day.   Thank you to everyone who has made this initiative to give back to our environment possible!   As of today, we now have 2,384 trees in our Junipurr Forest.  THANK YOU!!!!


Pro Team Picks!

We've invited our seasoned pros to talk about the Junipurr pieces they are most excited about and why you should be too.  Thank you Jess, Nick Pinch and Nick SanGregory for sharing your favourites with us.  We have made them into shoppable collections!  You can find all of them here.  Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks! 

What's next?

More Designs and Accessories coming We are planning to launch our Jewelry Displays in WHITE based on the feedback we have received to date. We also have our new designs of bats, elephant, Oh Doctor! just to name a few later this month! You can subscribe to them on our Coming Soon page so you will get an email notification when they become available.

Thank you for your continued support everyone.  I would love to hear from you so email me or IG DM me anytime!   Until then, stay safe, healthy and take care of each other!  ❤❤❤