Biodegradable Titanium Packaging

Biodegradable Titanium Packaging

When working on our Titanium Labret Posts, one of the hurdles we encountered was “How can we stop them from rubbing against each other in transit ruining that beautiful hand polished finish without producing a ton of one use plastic?”

Well, here is our solution….
Plant based Biodegradable capsules!

Once your order arrives in the studio, you can simply throw them away confident in the knowledge that should they end up in the ground, they will dissolve harmlessly away in a short period. Another option is to place your empty tablets in water, and then just let our packaging do its thing - it will disappear before your eyes in just a few minutes. Hot water and stirring works fastest!

Once fully dissolved, your water can be discarded as normal, right down the drain.

We would love to see you try this out in your studio. Be sure to tag us in your posts when you’re ready to dissolve your packaging!