Junipurr Jewelry Titanium Dome - Threadless

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Junipurr Jewelry Titanium Dome - Threadless

APP-Verified Titanium

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2.5mm - 16g CS n/a

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2mm - 18g CS n/a

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3mm - 16g CS n/a

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4mm - 16g CS n/a

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5mm - 14g CS n/a

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Junipurr's threadless titanium Domes are made with our mirror-polished APP-verified implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium (6AL-4V-ELI).

They are available in 5 different sizes, with different countersink gauges:

  • 2mm - 18G countersink
  • 2.5mm - 16G countersink
  • 3mm - 16G countersink
  • 4mm - 16G countersink
  • 5mm - 14G countersink

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is your titanium made of and where?
Junipurr's titanium is made of APP-verified, ASTM F136 implant grade Ti and is DFARS compliant. It is manufactured in Europe and conforms to ISO 9001(2015).

Is your titanium APP approved?
Yes. Our titanium and traceability process passed the APP verification program.

What is your return policy on your titanium?
Similar to our gold, we offer a lifetime warranty on our titanium products.

Are your titanium ends hand-polished?

How do you clean it before it arrives at my studio?
All titanium is ultrasonically cleaned and steamed before packaging. Whilst every care is taken to ultrasonically clean and steam each and every piece of jewelry we can not guarantee this.


Item Specifications


Threadless end


2mm and 3mm