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Accessible Titanium, by Junipurr

What you shared with us:

We learned from the last survey that many of our clients would like to buy both gold ends and titanium labret posts in tandem, and that made a lot of sense to us! Our mission is to make jewelry as accessible to as many good piercers as possible, and by accessible we mean we mean inexpensive, ready to ship and high quality. We understand high quality titanium is the foundation a piercer's success.

What we're doing:

So we've spent the past few months working on developing verified (with cradle to grave traceability) implant grade ASTM F136 titanium threadless labret posts that are APP approved. We're happy to announce our first batch has arrived and is now available for purchase.

How it may benefit you:

Our titanium products will adhere to the same promises as our gold products:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Best-In-Class Pricing (verified titanium with end to end traceability from raw material to finished product)
  • Fast Shipping
  • 24 hours response

Curious to see this mirror polish? Check it out!


1. What material is your titanium made of and where?

Junipurr's titanium is made of verified implant grade ASTM F136. It is made in Europe.

2. Is your titanium APP approved?


3. Can your titanium be anodized?

Yes. Absolutely.

4. What is your return policy on them?

The same as our gold, we offer lifetime warranty on our titanium products.

5. Are your posts hand polished?


6. Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our packaging is recyclable plastic and can be recycled in most facilities too.

7. Will you be open to making different size gauges, lengths or disk sizes?

Sure, let me know what sizes you're interested in. We are indeed and will have a large range to choose from - our initial offering includes the top used sizes is based on the piercers's feedback.

8. Will you be making threaded posts?

Yes, we will.

9. What brands of jewelry will your post fit with?

We have tested our posts against most APP approved brands such as Junipurr, BVLA, Anatometal, Body Gems, Industrial Strength, NeoMetal and some other brands and they all fit.