We are beyond grateful to have reached 10K followers today!! Thank you for all of your love and support over the past couple of months. As the Co-Founder of Junipurr, I must say planning our IG posts is one of my favorite activities as it allows me to announce exciting new products to you and engage with you. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for liking, sharing and commenting on our posts as it guides us in the right direction on what you want and inspires us to do better every day.

I want to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments since we launched on Feb 20 2020 and to sincerely thank our Junipurr team for making it happen!

  • Feb 20 - Launched our Junipurr Beta Program in the UK
  • March 15 - Launched Our Media Kit
  • May 8 - Announced our Junipurr masks
  • May 18 - Introduced our Swarovski Gem line based on feedback received from our clients
  • May 19 - Launched Splitit as a new payment option that allows you to Shop Now and Pay Later
  • May 29 - Launched our Piercer Q&A series
  • June 3 - Launched our BLM campaign
  • June 5 - Became an APP Corporate Sponsor
  • June 15 - Launched our Junipurr Pro Team from members across the world
  • June 29 - Launched our Covid Relief Campaign in USA
  • July 6 - Added Canada
  • July 13 - Added Europe
  • July 14 - Started Shipping from the UK for all European orders
  • July 20 - Added Australia and New Zealand to our Covid Relief Campaign
  • July 27 - Extended our Gold Price Freeze
  • August 6 - Launched Junipurr's Code of Conduct
  • August 18 - Launched our BLM inspired pieces
  • Sept 2 - Launched our Dealer's Choice feature where we curate your orders based on your preferences
  • Sept 18 - Donated $1630.64 USD to the Black Lives Matter Global Fund and Campaign Zero from the profits of our BLM inspired pieces
  • Sept 28 - Launched our Junipurr ANDROID App on Google Play
  • Sept 29 - Reached 10k IG followers!!
  • Over 50+ new designs launched since launch!

Thank you for giving our new business a chance.

Thank you for spreading our jewelry and your love for us.

Thank you for supporting our mission to make gold body jewelry accessible to piercers around the world.