Thank God for Summer! Hello July! ☀️

Thank God for Summer! Hello July! ☀️

Dear Junipurr Family,

Summer is finally here!  How is everyone doing?  I'm so grateful to have received my 2nd Covid vaccine last month.  I hope you are all getting fully vaccinated soon if you haven't already so we can all get back to normal!  On a personal front, my daughter Charlotte just finished Junior Kindergarten on Friday.  She's super thrilled there is no more virtual school (it was definitely a tough year for these littles) and now I'm struggling to keep her busy all summer!  Below is a picture of her at the strawberry farm last weekend.  We also celebrated my son Jax's 2nd birthday last month.  Can't believe he's growing up so fast.  Can't wait to show him the world post Covid. 

From a Junipurr perspective, we've been creating new designs with focus on chains and different colour gems based on your feedback.  I so look forward to all your votes every Tuesday, so please keep them coming.  We're also very happy to welcome 3 new members to our Junipurr Pro Team - Courtney Rose  representing Western Canada, Steven Kolling representing Luxembourg and Ruth De Lezcano representing Gran Canaria in Spain.  We are also busy working on new products which we are so excited to share with all of you in the coming months.  Thanks to those who have acknowledged the refreshed Code of Conduct I sent out last month.  Lastly, for those who have not yet joined our Facebook Group - Junipurr Wholesale Support, please join us to stay connected :)

What we've worked on this month

New Designs!

We launched over 13 new designs this month - focused on Chains and Colour Gems!  Check out our New Arrivals page to see all of them.


Junipurr's Piercer Growth Fund

We are happy to announce Marilyn Zupka from Cliffs Tattoo is our June Recipient of our Junipurr's Piercer' Growth Fund🌙

"My goal this year, and has been, is to get all quality jewelry into our shop.  We've been open since 1989 and have grown leaps and bounds in the quality of our jewelry.  Junipurr has contributed greatly to this goal with the ease of ordering and very affordable pricing.  I love knowing what's in stock and the quick turnaround.  I would like to use this gift towards reaching that goal by putting this award right back into your jewelry!  Our clients love it."   Marilyn Zupka

With this fund, we hope to highlight and assist other aspects of a piercer's growth, professionally and personally.  

Please visit this link for more info and how to apply.  Winner is announced on the 15th of each month!  :)


Pride Spotlight

Thank you to @tentacle_queen_adornments for answering a few of our questions and being a part of our Pride Spotlight!  We appreciate you sharing your perspective, and helping us grow and learn as a community! 🌙

Q: What is one thing you think our community can do to better support members of the LGBTQ2+ community within the piercing industry? 
A: I believe we as piercers should strive to create inclusive environments for our clients and understand the roots in body piercing come from the LGBT community. Inclusivity is needed from the initial interaction to when they walk out the door. We need to ensure we address the clients by the correct name and pronouns, we need to be inclusive in our marketing, and we need to ensure we source from companies that are ethically sound. Educating clients on the history of modern piercing can also allow someone to change their view on the community and understand that one of their favourite art forms comes from the LGBT community.
Q: What is something you do to make your studio more welcoming to all folks?  
A: A few things I do in my studio to make it welcoming is including on my consent forms a pronoun and preferred name section. This allows clients to identify with themselves during their time and the studio and not be triggered with a dead name or misgendering. I also try to make clients aware that my studio is, and always will be, a safe place to be themselves.

Q: Are you doing anything fun to celebrate Pride month at your studio this year, or in your personal life?
A: This year, I plan to style a few for some friends who decided to come out as transgender and need help with some natural looking wigs in a style that reflects them.  I love doing wig styling so it will be so wonderful to see some gorgeous newfound confidence in my friends.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a piercer so far? 

A: My proudest moment was when I pierced my grandmother. Just her trust and acceptance made my world. It isn’t the most common for the older generation to be accepting of piercing and it made me so happy and proud.


What's Next?!

New designs and our first Junipurr Lookbook

We will be adding more products of our Coming Soon Designs in July.  Feel free to subscribe to them on our Coming Soon page so you will get an email notification when they become available.

And a special thanks to those who submitted photos to our Junipurr Lookbook 1st Edition.  We will be launching it in the coming days.  Stay tuned :)

Thank you for your continued support everyone.  I would love to hear from you so email me or IG DM me anytime!   Until then, stay safe, healthy and take care of each other!  ❤❤❤