Junipurr Journal: March 2022

Junipurr Journal: March 2022

Dear Junipurr Family,

I hope you had a great February!  On the personal front, the snow never stopped here in Canada so Charlotte and I got to spend more time on the slopes!  Skiing is honestly one of the best therapies and I'm so glad I found it and found a ski partner for life with Charlotte!

From a Junipurr perspective, we celebrated our 2nd birthday on February 20th!  Thank you to each and every one of you for another amazing year.  We would not be where we are today without your trust and support!  Enjoy our Year in Review video below. 

The decision I'm happiest about making this month is keeping our titanium threadless labret price at $3 USD.  I hope this continues to make our jewelry accessible to you all.  I'm also happy about launching our, a great way to show your love with your fellow piercers! 

A big congratulations to Jeanvieve @gemmedbyjen for being our February Piercer Growth Fund Winner!  We have decided to dedicate our March winners to our Ukrainian piercers.  We can't even imagine what they're going through right now and it's times like these that really put things into perspective.  We've been speaking with @tati_piercer and Anna Mulyhina (@piercing.dnepr.shop). 

We commend @tati_piercer as she's declined to take the growth fund personally and we will be making a donation on her behalf to a fund of her choice.  Anna Mulyhina will be receiving our monthly growth month and we've increased the fund this month from $300 USD to $500 USD.

What we accomplished

$3 USD titanium posts

Part of standing by our mission to make quality jewelry, and supplies accessible is offering accessible pricing.  This is why we have decided to keep our pricing at $3 USD for threadless titanium labret posts.

We hope that this competitive pricing is helpful.  Thank you for growing and learning with us as we embark on a new facet of our business, verified titanium.

Junipurr Gift cards

A few of you have reached out about Junipurr offering gift cards. We heard you and this month, we have launched a new offering - a digital gift card option on our website. 

Gift card sales are for industry professionals only, and you will need to be logged in to your Junipurr account to gift or receive your gift card.

This is the perfect gift for a peer who has opened up a new studio location, has accepted a new job opportunity, or if you’re just in the mood to treat a fellow piercer pal to something shiny!

For more info and to shop gift cards please click here!

Piercer Growth Fund

We’re excited to announce that Jeanvieve @gemmedbyjen is our Feb recipient of our Junipurr's Piercer Growth Fund. 

With this fund, we hope to highlight and assist other aspects of a piercer's growth, professionally and personally.

It's important to remember that being a piercer is so much more than just the technicals and the jewelry, it's being well-rounded and we hope this fund will ignite and aid in the passion to do better and take care of yourself.

We have decided to dedicate our March's winners to our Ukrainian piercers.  We can't even imagine what they're going through right now and it's times like these that really puts things into perspective.  We've been speaking with @tati_piercer and Anna Mulyhina (@piercing.dnepr.shop).  We commend @tati_piercer as she's declined taking the growth fund personally and we will be making a donation on her behalf to a fund of her choice.  Anna Mulyhina will be receiving our monthly growth month and we've increased the fund this month from $300 USD to $500 USD.

2 year anniversary

We are so happy to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of Junipurr Jewelry on Feb 20th 2022!  Check out our Year in Review video.

We are so grateful to be able to collaborate with so many talented piercers and industry professionals to work towards our end goal of making high-quality jewelry, and tools accessible.

Thank you for another amazing year. We could not have done it without you!

Visit our Anniversary Sale collection for 30% off selected items.  Happy Shopping!

New BLM Pieces for Voting

We have worked on a few designs inspired by Black History Month.  These designs will feature a monochromatic range of brown and champagne tone CZs!  In case you haven't voted yet, please head over to our IG and place your votes!   We intend to donate the proceeds of these pieces to the Black Lives Matters Global Fund and Campaign Zero just like we do for our BLM Square and BLM Heart ends.

Revamped Registration Page

As many of you know, transparency and growth are two values that we hold very close to our hearts at Junipurr, which is why we want to share an update on our Junipurr Account Registration Process. 

Despite a lot of effort to ensure only professional piercers can access jewelry from us, there have been a couple of times where a non-piercer has been mistakingly given account, particularly around the time when we offered a covid relief voucher for $100 USD of free jewelry. While we endeavour to verify people correctly and in a timely manner, it can be especially tricky due to regional differences such as no legal license requirement in some areas, new studios with no portfolios etc.

In order to ensure we are only accepting professional piercers as Junipurr clients, we have added a few new verification standards that must be completed by anyone who applies for an account with Junipurr.  We recognize the responsibility we hold as wholesalers to only supply to those who can use and sell our products in a safe and professional way. 

In order to apply for an account with Junipurr Jewelry, candidates must:

  • Have a minimum of 6 months of professional piercing experience
  • All candidates' primary business must be piercing (this applies for everyone but specifically those who offer multiple aesthetician services at their workplace)
  • Personal piercing portfolio of a minimum of 6 months 
  • Share studio owner details if applicants are not owners themselves
  • Bricks and Mortar policy, candidates work from a studio 

We keep accounts opening quickly (after all one of our company's missions is accessibility), potential future clients are recommended to move higher in the virtual queue of applicants by submitting a short video introducing themselves and their piercing studio.

We hope that this gives you all a sense of reassurance that we are serious about our vetting process and will work hard to only approve professional piercers.  Thank you for helping us to grow and learn as we navigate professional growing pains!  We appreciate all your ongoing support.  

Feel free to email us at info@junipurrjewelry.com if you have any further questions or would like to discuss this new process.

What's Next?!

Social Media Insights

We understand social media is a vital part of a piercing business, but it can sometimes be challenging to know how and what to post in order to get the best results. In order to help the Junipurr community, we're working on an Insights section on our website that will share the types of posts that perform best for us and why they do so well so you can replicate them on your account and expand your business. 

New arrivals

We have exciting new designs to share this month and we hope you'll love them as much as we do! Plan ahead of time and keep an eye on new arrivals by checking out our Coming Soon page.

Lookbook Volume 2 Submission

The Junipurr Lookbook Volume 1 was a hit thanks to all of you who had submitted your beautiful photos with our jewelry.  We will be launching our Lookbook Volume 2 submissions in a few weeks, please look out for more details via email/ IG!

24 Hour Flash Sale via Junipurr Jewelry App

We will be launching a 24 hour Flash Sale weekly via our Junipurr Jewelry App. Please download our app if you haven't already, to receive these weekly flash sale push notifications from our app.  These flash sales will last for 24 hours each time!