Happy Summer! Get your Junipurr Gold before August 15th!

Happy Summer!  Get your Junipurr Gold before August 15th!

Hi everyone,

Can't believe half of our summer is already over! It's so nice to see a lot of you have reopened your studio, with lots of gorgeous pierced photos tagged with our Junipurr pieces. Thank you, that totally makes our day, with each and every photo, every single time. July has been an exciting yet hectic month for us due to our Covid Relief Launch. I am so happy to virtually meet a lot of you wonderful piercers around the world and I hope you all got a chance to take advantage of either our $150 USD credit for new clients or our 10% discount for our existing clients, with no increase in gold prices for our inventory launched pre-Covid for a limited time. I also loved seeing some of you tag us with our Junipurr branded neoprene masks! #wearingiscaring It is our small contribution to help make things easier as you transitioned back to your studios during this difficult time.

What we've worked on this month:

Did you get your GOLD yet? Prize freeze ends on Aug 15th!

We are so happy to have launched our Covid Relief campaign in the USA including Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. New clients were offered $150 USD credit and existing clients were offered 10% off of their next purchase in the form of a credit placed before August 13th, along with a price freeze on all products launched pre-Covid, this is ending August 15th so get your gold now!


We published 2 blogs this month based on your topics feedback. Links are as follows in case you missed them :)

5 Tips to creating a Modern Piercing Portfolio
How to determine where you should open your new piercing studio - Special thanks to Nick Pinchy for sharing his thoughts with us!

Your Product Photos are 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you for spicing up our product pages by allowing us to add your beautiful photography onto our website. If you would like to get featured, please IG DM me or email me with your pictures and we will be sure to shout you out on our website :) This gorgeous photo below was taken by Mariana Pena from Om Shakti, Puerto Rico!

Our Sketches

This month, we released a few collections of our sketches with you as per your suggestions, from our Lion King inspired designs, to giraffes, hummingbirds, unicorns, and to kitty cats. Thanks for voting! They have been sent for sampling :) If you have any ideas for us, feel free to contact us here or email me. Love love love hearing your ideas!

What's next?

New Designs!

Thank you for all the love for our new designs. They will be available on our website in a few weeks! Keep coming back to our New Arrivals page :)

Junipurr Branded Stuff

We are so happy to receive your feedback about your interest in Junipurr branded stuff! Thank you for your votes on our Junipurr Branded Display, Stickers, and Pins! We will let you know once they'll be available for sale on our website :) If you want to reserve a branded display, please respond to this email or IG DM me :)

Thank you for your continued support everyone. I would love to hear from you so email me or IG DM me anytime! Until then, stay safe, healthy and take care of each other! ❤❤❤