Fundraising for AFGHANISTAN 🌙

Fundraising for AFGHANISTAN  🌙

The events over the past few days have really weighed on me.  Being a mother and an immigrant, I can't imagine what the people of Afghanistan are going through right now.  I am so lucky to live in a country where I don't have to wake up and worry if there is a war raging outside my home.  I don't have to make the hard choice of separating from my children in order for them to have a better future.  This is why we are going to do our little bit to help.

Junipurr Jewelry is hosting a raffle to raise funds for the Afghan Women’s Organization Refugee & Immigrant services.  Our prize is a 21-hole moon display, adorned with 21 pieces covering a wide variety of our 14k gold threadless ends (as shown in photo), valued at approximately $900 USD.

The pieces are as follows:
1. Gold Cloud
2. Dear Neptune
3. Koi
4. Snake
5. Lightning Bolt
6. Dinosaur
7. Dragon
8. Star
9. Moon
10. Wish Bone
11. Gold Wheel with Swarovski stone
12. Gold Triangle with Swarovski stone
13. Tulip with clear Swarovski stones
14. Bezel-Set Swarovski CZ Square
15. Chevron Swarovski Gem
16. For Your Sleeve
17. Blue Hamsa
18. Patty
19. Fortune
20. Triple Marquise
21. Chevron with Black CZ

“AWO works with refugees and immigrants, particularly those who have experienced wars and persecution, with a special focus on women and their families. Its mission is to improve their quality of life and to promote their social and economic inclusion in order to enable them to become contributing members of society and to live in dignity.”

Please visit the link below for more info on the AWO and the work they do:

We hope that as a community we can raise funds to support the AWO and the work that they do. 

Please ensure you are logged in to your Junipurr account to purchase your raffle tickets. You will receive an order confirmation via email for your online order, and you will automatically be entered in our draw. 

Our raffle will run from Monday August 23rd - Monday August 30th 2021.

Ticket pricing breakdown:
1 ticket = $20.00 USD
3 tickets = $50.00 USD 

Here is a link to directly buy your raffle tickets:

Thank you for supporting the AWO and good luck!

Our winner will be announced on August 31st 2021 and will be contacted via email.  This raffle is open to all professional piercers, worldwide.