Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Our heart goes out to the Floyd family and all those impacted.

Black lives matter. Racism is unacceptable. Police brutality needs to stop.

At Junipurr, even though we are a minority owned company, we don't pretend to know or understand everything and we're always looking to listen and learn - whether that's regarding piercing, jewelry, or matters of race and discrimination. However, we are empathetic and we are hopeful that a better world will come from this. We also recognize that if we truly want a better world we have to do our part to help.

We have designed 2 gold ends to raise funds for #blacklivesmatter. We will be selling these gold ends on our website and all profits will be donated evenly to Black Lives Matter Global Fund and Campaign Zero. You can read more on and We will be pricing these items at a significantly reduced cost so more people can have access and take part in stocking and offering them to the public. We encourage that you do a less than traditional markup so more people can have access and any monies earned from these sales can be used to help further combat inequalities for black people.