Junipurr Jewelry Starter Packs Are Here

Junipurr Jewelry Starter Packs Are Here

The whole idea behind starting Junipurr Jewelry was to make high quality, gold body jewelry accessible. And we don’t just mean accessible to well known shops and piercers, we mean accessible to everyone. This includes those who are new to the piercing industry, or those who are new to buying gold jewelry in general!

We created our collections to make the ordering process easier. You can think of these collections as “Starter Packs” when it comes to buying from Junipurr.

Not only do the Starter Packs save you money (our collections are discounted from 10% to 15%), but it also saves you the time of curating an order that will be reliable enough to sell, while also offering your clients enough pieces that are new and exciting. The Starter Packs are a great way to try out a vast range of pieces when you’re not sure where to start.

Each Starter Pack has been hand picked by our team, and curated with tried and true designs in mind, as well as a good selection when it comes to colours of gold, styles of jewelry, gems and of course, unique designs.

Every Starter Pack is named after a vintage TV show (because why not?!) and consists of 5 different “seasons”. These seasons serve as a subcategory consisting of different jewelry options. Some seasons may build on top of one another.

For example, our “The A Team” pack is a comprehensive bundle containing all of Junipurr’s Top Selling Items. It consists of 5 seasons. Each season has a core 5 pieces, and builds on top of those to create bigger seasons. Whereas other Starter Packs like “Cheers!” have 5 seasons that are all unique to one another.

Our Starter Packs are also a great option if you’re new to buying gold jewelry. They take out the main question of “where to start?” as well diminish your overall order cost. This is ideal if you’ve never offered gold jewelry to your clients before, and are not sure how they may respond.

Each collection has a different theme that makes them unique.

The A Team is a comprehensive bundle containing all of Junipurr’s Top Selling Items. It’s a great way to bring in items we know will get your clients excited. You can expect this bundle to change over time, reflecting the most up to date styles and preferences.

Full House is a bundle made up for those who are interested in testing out the full breadth of what we sell here! It includes a number of our top sellers, as well some of our very favourite pieces. Our goal here is to show you the beauty of our styles, our settings, our quality, and our enthusiasm for well priced, accessible jewelry that sells!

Cheers! is a kit made up for you to try out our selection of rings. Our Mixed Bundle selection is a bundle made up of seam rings as well as our clickers. Our 5 piece sets come in mixed gold or in your favourite individual gold colour to accommodate your clients preferences. We proudly carry a majority of our ring styles in 5/16”-½”.

We will continue to add more collections as we grow our jewelry catalogue. We cannot wait to share what we have in store for you all.