How to Handle Gold Threadless Body Jewelry

How to Handle Gold Threadless Body Jewelry

There are so many benefits to working with gold body jewelry. Not only is high quality and verified gold suitable for both new and healed body piercings, but gold jewelry also comes in a variety of beautiful tones rose, yellows and brilliant whites.

Gold jewelry is also often more likely to feature intricate designs that include genuine gemstone, thus making the jewelry typically more desirable for many clients.

At Junipurr Jewelry all of our decorative ends are made from 14 karat gold. For those of you who are new to working with gold we will go into a bit more detail on what exactly this means.

What Exactly Does 14k Gold Mean?

The term “14 karat” refers to the purity of gold that is used to create jewelry. As many people know, pure gold (24k) is a very soft and malleable material. Pure gold can be susceptible to changing shape with little force, as well as scratching easily.

In order to ensure that our gold can withstand day-to-day wear and tear, we have chosen to work with 14k gold! The only exception is our pins which are 10k solid gold; we do this to make them harder and less likely to break. Our gold is independently checked by approved assay offices and our certificates are available under Our Certifications page on the website.

Using 14k gold allows us to have body safe jewelry with a beautiful polish, while still having a sturdy base for our designs.

How to Handle 14k Gold

With all the pros that come with working with gold body jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind when handling a new material.

If you’ve never handled threadless gold body jewelry before such, it is important to keep in mind that gold requires a more gentle touch than titanium. Gold may also require a bit more attention to detail when bending pins and installing pieces for yourself or clients.

Here is a video from Junipurr Jewelry Pro Team member Lola Slider explaining how she works with Junipurr Jewlery’s gold decorative ends.


In Lola’s video she explains the importance of a “Supported Bend” when working with 14k gold ends. Here are a few graphics to help further illustrate this point.

Unsupported Bend*photo credit: Lola Slider

Supported Bend*photo credit: Lola Slider

Working with the Proper Post

An important point to remember is that Junipurr Jewelry’s decorative ends are universal, meaning if you want to use your new jewelry on an 18g nostril or a 14g conch or a 16g tragus it still fits, so there is no need to buy the same piece in multiple sizes like you may do with threaded because we know, there is nothing worse that your client wanting that beautiful piece in your cabinet but finding you don't have it in the right size.

Using high quality decorative ends is a great first step in upping your game, your income and investing in your business, but it is also important to pair your gold ends with high quality posts, after all, the wearable is the most important part.

Junipurr is designed to fit into industry standard threadless posts from APP approved companies, this is the option we recommend to ensure security and fit and give them the best overall experience that will keep your client coming back for more and get you those all important recommendations.

**Cover Image Photo credit: Nick SanGregory