Junipurr Jewelry Beta Test Threaded Titanium Labret Post

Junipurr Jewelry Beta Test Threaded Titanium Labret Post

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Length Disk Price Quantity
5mm (13/64") 2.5mm n/a n/a
5mm (13/64") 4mm n/a n/a
6mm (1/4") 2.5mm n/a n/a
6mm (1/4") 3mm n/a n/a
6mm (1/4") 4mm n/a n/a
7mm (9/32") 2.5mm n/a n/a
7mm (9/32") 3mm n/a n/a
7mm (9/32") 4mm n/a n/a
8mm (5/16") 2.5mm n/a n/a
8mm (5/16") 3mm n/a n/a
8mm (5/16") 4mm n/a n/a
9mm (11/32") 2.5mm n/a n/a
9mm (11/32") 4mm n/a n/a
10mm (13/32") 2.5mm n/a n/a
10mm (13/32") 4mm n/a n/a
16G Subtotal n/a


Length Disk Price Quantity
6mm (1/4") 3mm n/a n/a
8mm (5/16") 3mm n/a n/a
18G Subtotal n/a


Junipurr titanium threaded labret posts are made with verified implant-grade ASTM F-136 Titanium (6AL-4V-ELI) that is APP verified. Whilst our threadless labrets usually fit many other non-verified brands well and in testing these labrets have performed similarly, we don't offer a guaranteed fit on any brands other than ours on our 16g threaded labrets due to no industry standard thread pattern.

Due to our titanium labrets being made in Europe, our titanium jewelry is made in millimetre sizes. For our clients using imperial measurements, we have provided fractions that are the closest common equivalent to the millimetre measurements.

There is a minimum order quantity of ten for each variant and they come vacuum-packed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is your titanium made of, and where?

Junipurr's titanium jewellery is made of verified implant-grade ASTM-F136. It is manufactured in Europe.

Is your titanium APP-verified?


Can your titanium be anodized?

Yes. Absolutely.

What is your return policy on your titanium?

Similar to our gold, we offer a lifetime warranty on our titanium products.

Are your titanium posts hand-polished?


Are your threaded 16g titanium posts compatible with all the other APP-approved brands?

In testing many have worked however we do not guarantee this and if a returned piece is tested with a Junipurr end and found to work then a refund will not be issued and you'll have to pay the return postage. 

In my country, we use the imperial measurement system and my jewelry doesn't measure the exact size as it did on the website.

We manufacture our jewelry in Europe where the metric system is used. The true measurements are in millimetres. For those clients who are not familiar with millimetres, we state an imperial fraction that is the closest equivalent meaning there will be a very slight difference.

Note: While every effort is made to make our jewelry to the exact sizes stated on the website, due to the manufacturing methods we use and the hand polishing, there may be slight differences from piece to piece. We aim to always be within 0.05mm of the advertised size.