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Junipurr Journal

There is something special about a well thought out and curated ear project.  Ear projects are the epitome of a custom look, curated to a client’s unique anatomy.  Oftentimes ear projects allow for piercers and clients to collaborate on creating a look that clients may deem only achievable on Pinterest. 

Luckily with the help of skilled Piercing Professionals and in depth initial planning , these custom looks have become more and more popular!

Your body jewelry has been meticulously designed, produced, packaged and now it has finally arrived. Before you tear into your order, let's go over some steps we can take to make sure that your jewelry stays in pristine condition and...
There are so many benefits to working with gold body jewelry. Not only is high quality and verified gold suitable for both new and healed body piercings, but gold jewelry also comes in a variety of beautiful tones rose, yellows...